Ensure you have a tight interview process

Posted on 05 October 2020

When it comes to digital technology, New Zealand typically operates within a candidate-short market. The lack of skilled professionals on our shores at present means organisations often find themselves in an arm wrestle for the same top talent. That’s why it’s vital you have a solid interview process.

Here are four key tips to ensure you facilitate the process efficiently and make a good impression:

1.  Have a defined interview process prior to undertaking your talent search. Trying to scramble a second interview panel together is far from ideal. Ensure interviewers have pre-allocated dates and time slots so you know they are available and the process flows smoothly.

 2. Make sure your interviews are thorough. However, consolidating them to minimise the number of steps and reduce the overall time taken to execute the full recruitment process is key. Remember, the longer the interview process, the greater chance of your candidates being contacted about other opportunities.

 3. Interviews are a two-way street. You must have panel members who can also pitch the organisation to the candidate. Quality candidates often have other offers to weigh up. So the ability to ‘sell’ your organisation is crucial.

 4. Get approval on salary and start dates before commencing the recruitment process. To miss out on the candidate you like when you're trying to get the green light to proceed is gut wrenching - and unnecessary.

 Questions about running interviews? We’re practiced professionals, so reach out to The Digital Bakery to discuss.

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