Posted on 11 May 2021

Here's a simple four point plan to help retain staff.

We’re all use to the world of digital technology evolving at pace. To make sure your organisation remains relevant and effective, it’s important to keep your employees at the leading edge of technology developments and trends. But leaving your employees to upskill themselves can leave an organisation without their main ingredient - talented staff that stick around.

Upskilling existing employees helps secure the skills you need for your team and company to grow. Secondly, by investing in your employees you build engagement and loyalty which leads to retention.

So how do you do it? Here are four simple and effective ways to upskill in house.

1. Define an employee’s potential trajectory within the business: They can then envision a future with the company. It also helps individuals establish what personal development is required to move forward in their career and set performance metrics within their role.

2. Give employees access to online learning:  With online educational platforms like Udemy, a company can purchase training programs to share with any interested employee. Educational platforms allow access to courses anytime and anywhere. Organisations have the ability to monitor progress, see who is developing new skills and how quickly they're doing so.

3. Microlearning: You’ve probably sat through them yourself, but all day training sessions often don’t achieve their full or intended potential. Adopting microlearning with small interval training blocks allows employees to digest bite-sized chunks of learning and information that won’t take them away from their work for too long. (Great for everyone when committed to those often hefty sprint deliverables)

4. Establish a mentoring or peer-to-peer system: Mentoring offers employees a great way to upskill while building relationships within the business. It helps boost retention and build a deeper all round depth of tech talent as knowledge is shared.

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